Synapse launch

The Synapse series explores enlightened collaborations between art and science. This initiative at The University of Akron probes the ideas, images, and mutual interests connecting art and science professionals and disci- plines. Open to all university disciplines and the public, Synapse events take the form of residencies, internships, collaborative projects, lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and exhibitions.

The program is designed to develop new strategies for addressing student learning. Ultimately, this learning is practically applied to strengthening the community’s cultural and economic growth. Synapse members are University of Akron faculty across multiple disciplines and external partners from academic, commercial, and nonprofit groups.

University of Akron faculty members are Matthew Kolodziej (painting), Peter Niewiarowski (biology), Donna Webb (ceramics), Elisa Gargarella (art education), Judit Puskas (chemical engineering), Tom Xiao (computer science), Eunsu Kang (new media).  Some recent participants include JeanMarie Hartman (ecologist), Eve Andree Laramee (artist), Terry Winters (painter), Matt Kenyon (artist), John Roloff (artist), Nancy Cohen (artist), Donald Craig (composer/programmer), Douglas Paige (industrial design).

Synapse will spur interactions and insights among artists and scientists, campus and community, faculty and students, practicing professionals and the simply curious.

For more information about Synapse, contact Matthew Kolodziej at 330-972-6030 or

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