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The Synapse series at The University of Akron probes ideas, images, and mutual interests connecting art and science professionals and disci­plines. Open to all university disciplines and the public, Synapse events take the form of residencies, internships, collaborative projects, lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and exhibitions.

In 2007, Matthew Kolodziej, painter and professor of art at the Myers School of Art, University of Akron originated Synapse. Synapse is a means for exploring enlightened collaborations on diverse topics ranging from artificial intelligence and evolution to the relationships between the animal kingdom and humans.

The Synapse series has grown to be a collective of University of Akron faculty across disciplines including sculpture, ceramics, new media, graphic design, painting, printmaking, computer science, biology, engineering, psychology, and polymer science. The series has brought in dozens of artists working on an international level.

The projects take place both at the University of Akron and within the surrounding community as a means for developing community and new audiences for the arts. Partners have included the Akron Zoological Park, The Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center at the University of Akron, EJ Thomas Performing Arts Center, The Akron Art Museum, Bath Nature Preserve, and the Sculpture Center Cleveland.

Synapse’s goal is to encourage dialogues and relationships between scientists, engineers, business professionals, artists, and designers. Synapse develops new educational strategies, research initiatives, community enrichment, and economic development. Synapse will spur interactions and insights among artists and scientists, campus and community, faculty and students, practicing professionals and the simply curious.

For more information about Synapse, contact Matthew Kolodziej at 1-330-972-6030 or mattk@uakron.edu.

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