Student Initiatives

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Project Description

Student initiatives are ongoing. Listed below are some of the completed projects.


In 2010, Students from graphic design and studio art worked with faculty mentor Matthew Kolodziej for student team competition between Myers School of Art, Kent State, Oberlin, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland State.  Students responded to Vivid Astro Focus exhibtion at MOCA Cleveland with theme of water and science in winning entry.

Winning collage measuring 12′ x 6′ focused on ideas of water and pollution.  Jimmy Hagan of the The Oberlin review wrote:

Akron turned the buzzing complexity of AVAF’s work into a public service announcement on the need to “break our dependence on unclean and unsafe energy sources.” They even threw in a four-foot painted fish for kicks. Despite this pedestrian nature, little can be taken away from the aesthetic superiority of a vulgar aquatic fill.

Quite simply, it was a stellar, multilayered and technically complex event that included fish scales, wavy painted oil splotches and a gently lit gaping hole in the top half of the work. It was likely the compositional success of the gap that shot Akron to the top of the pile. Lykins Reich explained the jury’s decision: “Akron was bold in leaving a large portion of the wall exposed, emphasized only by colored lighting.”


Student Nathan Mayfield worked with Lock 3 program which involves area high school students in engaging mural projects.  Mayfield led students in researching maps, infrastructure systems, and landscape available in Akron city planning office.  The resulting permanent mural was installed in the planning office.