Ground Water

Out of Sight/Site Out of Mind

Ground Water 2018-02-14T17:38:47+00:00

Project Description

This exhibition examined the interconnections of water within the landscape through art objects, interactivity displays and projection, and video.  The collaborative encompasses artists and scientists exploring strategies for observing these invisible connections and for looking at water on a variety of scales.

The collaborators come from the fields of biology, landscape design, environmental protection, art education, and studio art. They present the work as an open studio and laboratory demonstrating the possibilities of art and science dialogues. Sculpture, video, drawing, material experiments, laboratory apparatuses, and data intermingle in The Sculpture Center space.

The exhibiting group is comprised of University of Akron faculty and invited collaborators from art and science fields. University of Akron faculty members are Matthew Kolodziej (painting), Peter Niewiarowski (biology), Donna Webb (ceramics), Elisa Gargarella (art education), Tom Xiao (computer science), Eunsu Kang (new media), and graduate student Kalyan Chakravarthy Thokala (computer science). Invited participants include Eve Andrée Laramée (artist), John Roloff (artist), JeanMarie Hartman (ecologist), Nancy Cohen (artist), Donald Craig (composer/programmer), Douglas Paige (industrial design), Daniel Coffield (artist), and Joe Czalkiewicz (artist).

A panel consisting of David Beach, director of Green City Blue Lake initiative at the Cleveland Natural History Museum, ecologist JeanMarie Hartmann, artist Nancy Cohen (both of Rutgers University), and University of Akron faculty artist Donna Webb and biologist Peter Niewiarowski considered issues of water and the collaborative process of relating art and science disciplines.