Buzz Spector

Thoughts as pages, stacks as memories

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Project Description

Visiting artist residency with Buzz Spector included lecture, discussions, and exhibition at University of Akron’s Bierce library. A Collaboration for Synapse Art Science series, which focuses on the intersection of art and science. The project was supported by the Center for the History of Psychology, UA Libraries, Akron Print Enthusiasts, and Drawing/Painting area at the Myers School of Art and internationally recognized artist Buzz Spector.

For The exhibition, “thoughts as pages, stacks as memories”, Mr. Spector developed an installation with students using books from the Center for the History of Psychology Library. Students made altered books in response to Center for the History of Psychology library book and devices used for memory testing collections. The installation of work is at the University of Akron Bierce Library, March 12 – April 18, 2014. Spector conducted a discussion with print and painting students and gave individual critiques to advanced students.

We are grateful for his generous spirit and thoughts.

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